About Us




    Neo-Neon Lighting & Designs was founded in the year 1996 by Mr. Sanjeev ViJ, a visionary, who recognized the need to cater the refined taste of people, looking for colorful decorative lighting solutions.

    Since inception, it is presently among the leading lighting companies in India. It possesses an edge in its area because it offers a change in the way lighting is played with the sense of designs or lighting styles. Being the company that sets the trends, it understands the lighting industry, as well as the change in people and their tastes of exquisites.

    With vision, discipline and determination to achieve high standards of service and product quality, Neo-Neon in handling project from corporate building, hotels, resorts, shopping malls, gardens and parks etc. rapidly grew in popularity and success. With the diversity of its growth, this establishment has transformed into an influential leader, leading in its field. It is an establishment that many seek for consultancy and advice. It is truly the guiding light of the industry.


    Neo-Neo LED Lighting International products spam the globe and take a prominent position in the lighting industry and enhance people’s daily lives in over 100 countries.

    Our products are distributed through a variety of professional “top tier” distributors globally, with over 31 years of experience in mass production and vertical integration, and heavy investments into the production of the LED from clip to finished product, Neo-Neo LED Lighting International is the leading Asia manufacturer of LED based General and Commercial, Architectural DIY, Decorative, and Entertainment Lighting, Our expansive patent portfolio puts Neo-Neo in the top 5 companies globally for the total number of core LED patents held. While we are large company with well established channels the LED market is among the highest growth rate sectors in technology and one that is virtually unlimited.

    Neo-Neon LED Lighting International ltd. invites you to become a valued member of our global distribution channels and profit partner in the expansion of Energy Saving, Green, LED Technology.